Friday, October 7, 2011

Runaways, Abuse and Prostitution

"Studies of children and adolescents who run away from home show that many are running away from abuse. One study of runaway youths found that 73% or females and 38% of males reported having been abused. A 1998 study of 26 teenagers revealed that most reported that they left their homes only as a last resort and after having been physically, sexually or emotionally abused.
Ironically, some teenagers may actually increase their chances of abuse by leaving home.. Runaways are often easy prey for adults seeking to lure them into prostitution. Unable to secure a job that pays enough to support them, both males and females are enticed by the promise of large sums of money in exchange for engaging in illicit activities. In addition to sexual exploitation, youths living on the streets are often robbed or assaulted. Most runaways do not live far from home, and several studies have revealed that the wide majority reside less than 100 miles from their families" (The Encyclopedia of Child Abuse 2nd edition page 198).

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