Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God wants to rebuild you - Treasures

God wants to rebuild you...

“Again I will build you and you will be rebuilt, O Israel!” Jeremiah 31:4

When we begin to turn to God, to bring Him the rubble of our lives, often that’s when we feel more struggles and challenges come. God’s plan for us is to rebuild and restore. But the enemy has a plan too. The Bible tells us that he is a “thief” who comes to “steal, kill and destroy.” His plan for you is the opposite of God’s (John 10:10). He wants your life to remain in ruins.

Sometimes it might seem like as soon as we try to take a step forward with God, circumstances in our life become overwhelming and we feel helpless to overcome them. It’s natural at these times to wonder where God is. We wonder if He really wants to help us. If He loves us and wants to help us change, why does life remain so difficult?

In the Old Testament, the book of Ezra tells the story of how the people of God got together to rebuild the Temple and the city around it so that they could worship God again. During those times, a city with high walls protected the inhabitants from outside attacks. The strength of a city’s walls was the basis of its citizens’ freedom. The people of God came under many attacks while they were trying to rebuild and several times the work was stopped. Their enemies “discouraged the people (of God) and frightened them from building” (Ezra 4:4).

Your enemy also knows that if your foundations are repaired and your walls are rebuilt that he won’t be able tear you down as easily. He wants to keep you as a rubble pile so that you won’t be able to fend off his attacks. God’s plan is to rebuild you, make your foundations firm, and make you like a strong city.

You may come under attack, you may feel that the odds are stacked against you so high that you’ll never rise again. But, as the people in the story of Ezra found out, God “has His eye on you.” If something tries to stop the work He is doing in you, He will send His power to overthrow all opposition. (Ezra 5:5, 6:7-12).

If you feel like you are having one bad day after the next, and you are wondering if God is really with you, don’t be discouraged. The enemy wants to frighten you away from building your life into a stronghold where he can’t enter. Keep returning to the work. God will protect you and provide all the materials necessary. He will build your walls high so that you can be free. God is rebuilding you!

Written by Larissa Zdon for Treasures