Saturday, July 10, 2010

How did she come this far?

She's beautiful. Her life has been relatively normal to the world's standards. When she turned 16 she had already been experimenting with different drugs and drinking for some time. Her family wasn't all too concerned with her decisions as long as she stayed in school.
When she was 10 her uncle had already molested her at least twice when he came to visit. When she was 14, her boyfriend decided that they should have sex. He said she owed him at least that much. With hesitancy, she complied. The only person in her life who really knew much about her was her boyfriend and she couldn't risk losing him. After their first time, he broke up with her, claiming that she was too clingy and he began dating her best friend.
Starting college with not-so-good grades, no real friends and bills piling up, she needed money fast. A "friend" who knew her older sister had been stripping for some time and said that she can pull in a thousand in no time. With all that money, she could go to school, pay off her loans, pay off her car, whatever... It's no biggy. She figures it will be over in no time so what's the harm.
Within her first few hours the little girl who never had a protector is unveiled. Men twice her age are staring through her soul and consuming her heart with their desires. She can't cry, not now. A co-worker shows her her stash of coke. She's done cocaine before and maybe it could help, she can't let these people think that there is something wrong with her or they won't tip and that's what she depends on. Her next round on stage she feels great. Nothing in this world can stop her now. She's obtained everything that she's ever wanted. She is being wanted...almost needed... by so many men. They depend on her now. Their hearts are hers to hold sacred.
What happened here? She got started to get through school... at 25 with no degree, a slew of perverted and abusive boyfriends and one-night stands, no real friends besides her fellow strippers, no contact with her family and a drug addiction that's consuming every moment of her life, she begins to see how far she's really come. How could this go on for so long? It began to help and now she strips to pay for drugs and takes drugs to strip! That's her life and there's no going back. No where to really go.

Then one night, a group of ladies walk in. They don't want anything. They come in to say that God loves her. What a load of crap... God doesn't love her, nobody loves her. She's taken care of number one since day one, thank you to absolutely NO ONE. They leave.

Same thing next week. And the following...

Now this is just annoying. She wants to know what they hell is wrong with them.

They give her a hug. The first contact she's had from someone that doesn't want anything in return... wow. How did that happen?? What happened?? She doesn't know, but it felt good. NO... these people suck. She tells herself how much she really hates these people. It makes more sense. It would hurt far too much to think that they actually cared.

But obviously something is going on because they keep on coming back and talking to her about her struggles and they provided phone numbers she could call or websites she could visit. Could this be it? Could it really be a way out? Does God really care? Did HE really send them? For her?

This is just a taste of real life for these girls. In their lives, it is DANGEROUS to hope. It's problematic to have faith. Everyone and everything has let them down, what's different now? God's in control but they don't believe that, but I do and hopefully you do to. This means that no matter how improbable it seems, that is God's Daughter and He loves her and He wants her to be free, so it WILL happen.

*This is not a real story but rather an illustration.

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