Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Open to change and 20 to boot!

As I go on about my life, I feel more and more free from the suffocation caused by abuse. One thing is for sure, I can't step away from the pain I feel when I think about the girls out there; the girls being posted on stage like dancing manikins for all to "try out" and see if they like the merchandise. I've never been a stripper. I've never sold my body for money, but I've had all integrity stripped away and turned into shame.

I had a hard childhood and teen years. Very few people wanted to help or even knew how. It's the same for the women and children being trafficked. There are girls half my age with more men under their belt and anxiety in their hearts. Their emotions have completely shut down so that their minds no longer register that anything is wrong. These girls should be noticed. They should be cared about. Their lives should be featured and stories be told. More places should be opened in their honor. More hearts should break for them. More mother's should get to see their daughters again. We should do something. We should get involved.

My goal is that over the next year I can get involved with foundations and non-profit organizations to bring about awareness. I want access to statistics, organizations, people, help, and ways to donate your time or money to be at your fingertips. Hopefully by this time next year we will all be drowning in information. Looking forward to it and stay tuned. =)

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